An awesome opportunity with iLearningGlobal!

So, many of you know that I've been involved with a company called Bookwise. Well, Bookwise has merged with a company based in Phoenix called iLearningGlobal. Talk about an incredible product...

Just imagine the following:

  • Imagine having access to the best in the business training, tax strategies, personal development and so much more right at your fingertips any hour of any day.
  • Imagine that training being in the form of high definition video clips, audio clips, webcasts and teleconferences.
  • Imagine being anywhere in the world and being able to access this valuable training.
  • Now imagine an income opportunity where the product you sell actually trains you to become more successful.
Training includes topics such as:
  • Taking Charge of Your Life
  • The Power of Letting Go
  • Into to Tax Savings
  • Wealth Secrets
  • Leadership that Inspires
  • Change
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Law of Attraction
  • And so many more
It is awesome! Go check out iLearningGlobal and download the webplayer. You will be amazed! There is no buffering. You get fullscreen viewing. The words match up with the mouth. It's awesome to watch.

If you are interested in knowing more...shoot me an email!